Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Album/Mixxtapes: "Out Na Sa Rap Game" & "Classics" -Hi-Jakkk

You guys have undoubtedly heard of him by his other more notorious moniker - Tha' Enemy of the State, Teflon Don and often cited as the King of da' Undaground, Hi-Jakkk. It doesn't need to be said to be known. An original member of Death Threat from back in the 'Wanted' era, Hi-Jakkk is one epitome of the dark, grimey underground sound that "dominated" Pinoy Rap in the late '90s. Some of the most memorable albums of that era have come out of his camp, and many active artists in the community today have gotten their start from appearing on Hi-Jakkk's projects, including Sly Kane (cop that album people) and even the biggest name in tagalog rap today, Gloc-9. After an untimely falling out with Death Threat and Gloc, Hi-Jakkk seemingly vanished from the rap scene, opening up lanes for other underground rappers to fill. Now, after all the controversy and beef and hate, and a memorable surprise appearance at the height of the Philippine Hip-Hop Awards' popularity, Hi-Jakkk is back with new music.

The new Hi-Jakkk Mixtapes are now available. For orders and bookings call: 0916 697 1268

There are rumors that Beware and Hi-Jakkk have squashed their beef and have reformed Death Threat for a possible 8th album. With Konflick's release of the Kara Krus E.P. and Beware and Hi-Jakkk both throwing verses on Andrew E's lastest album, the streets are definitely talkin'... could the crew that started gangsta rap in the P.I. be back?

Time will tell.