Monday, June 7, 2010

D-Coy Exclusive Soulsonic TV Interview!

D-Coy aka Wakin Burdado, has done something not many others have done in the local rap scene: achieve longevity. The debut of his group the Madd Poets came with the first batch of Andrew E.'s Dongalo artists, where they began to appear on select underground Dongalo cuts that would inevitably be regarded as local Hip-Hop buried treasures. Together with Lowkey, Jaime Labrador and Quaizy Illeon, the Madd Poets dominated with an "East Coast" lyrical, streetwise style, that was above all things, true to Hip-Hop culture. Coy's delivery was suave, cadence slick and polished, and songs were relatable to the streets. Before such community building goliath like The Community were ever conceived, the Madd Poets brought together Hip-Hop artists from different camps (including Hi-Jakkk and K-Oz) to rep different elements of Hip-Hop in an infamous skit from their debut album, 'Ikatlong Mundo.' Aside from Death Threat's Kickin Lyrics, this was one of the first instances in local rap that I remember that different camps got together on wax. Just in his beginnings as a rap artist, Coy was already controversial. In the post millennium era of local rap, D-Coy continued to make his presence known, while many of his contemporaries died out. He played an integral role in establishing the Rekognize all-stars (comprised of other local heavyweights such as Syke, SVC,BB Clan, etc..) and soon established his own vanity label in the form of Maddworld Entertainment. In a time when Dongalo Wreckords was firm in their belief that the Philippines was simply borrowing Hip-Hop culture, and that there was no Hip-Hop culture of our own, Coy fired back. With a roster of many of Dongalo's old artists (including Chinese Mafia and BB Clan), Maddworld arguably had a strong-hold in the early 2000s and kept Hip-Hop purists satisfied. His opus, "Plastic Age," is a modern classic. Still, confrontation and controversy was not far behind, as Coy continued to throw disses, some subliminal and some blatant, one such case resulting in legal disputes with Carlos Agassi.

Still, D-Coy is not finished. A decade later, Coy has established himself not only in the Philippines, but in all of Southeast Asia as an emcee, as his newly found coalition, The Beatmathics have received accolades in Hip-Hop summits and showcases outside the islands. A new label for a new decade, Wika Records, has been established, with new artists ready to prove themselves all over again. He has written an anthem for Pacquiao fans worldwide with 'Pambansang Kamao,' and is now gearing up to release his sophomore album. Already supposedly finished, the LP was originally planned to release last year, however, nothing surfaced in record bars. With the local rap scene awaiting his new street bangers, and new rumored beefs brewing, Soulsonic TV sits down with the man himself to clear the air once and for all... WAKIN!
Part 1:2nd coming

Part 2: D-Coy fires back

Part 3: Ultimatum

Interview by: Sol


Anonymous said...

nice one D-Cpy..Soulsonic great interview!

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tama good one dcoy!

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much respect to dcoy.. isa sa mga nirerespeto ko talaga sa local scene.

Damain said...

astig ang video! suporta kami coy at wika!mabuhay ang tunay na hiphop