Sunday, May 23, 2010

Defense: Philippine Hiphop Summit

Here are some pics we found in FB from the Defense: Philippine Hiphop Summit last week at Music Museum.The future looks very promising for local Hiphop as artists such as Nimbus 9,LDP,Quest,Pikaso and others treated the crowd with lokal flavor that the audience have been surely missing for some time..Even though the show was way too long (4 hours plus),a big congratulations to the producers for making an event like this that clearly show that the most exciting thing happening right now in the local music scene is the Hiphop scene..So much talent and good material here,we're sure we aint seen nothin' yet... Hopefully next summit they would invite more media people,work on the length of the actual show to sustain the crowd, and booths for lokal hiphop merchandise(cd's/apparel)..Overall a good show!

Nimbus 9 with Abbibay

O.N.E singing "Mainit"

Philippine All-Stars

Beatbox Philippines

D-Coy and Mizz Snapper

Out of Body Special

Stick Figgas,LDP,Jonan Aguilar jammin on stage

LDP with Chelo Astrid of O.N.E