Friday, March 12, 2010

MobbStarr awarded by the President

DiCE&k9/Mobbstarr is the first ever Hip Hop group being recognized and given an "Ani ng Dangal/Sining" award by Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for their contribution in bringing pride to the country.
The award and recognition was held at the Malacanang Palace last February 26, 2010.
The group was also joined by award-winning directors, actors, musicians and other groups from the performing arts.


Gabriel said...

Wow nice one.. Congrats to Mobbstarr.

Manny Pacquaio Vs Joshua Clottey - Road to Dallas Video

Anonymous said...

This is major news for local hiphop! CONGRATSSSS

Anonymous said...

Now this is an award worth bragging. They are Pinas hiphop royalty, an artist we should be proud of. Sila pa lang ang hiphop artist na nabigyan nito. Galing nyo idol.

Anonymous said...

I believe its 2010 not 2009.