Thursday, February 4, 2010

J-Sin Aguilar feat. Mista Blaze and Produced By Dj Arbie Won

This one is taken from Dj Arbie's blog ( talks about how he produced a track for J-Sin years ago.It's not his best production but i like Mista Blaze's verse here..Lowkey the boywonder produced most of the tracks from J-Sin's album..

"Just like the other people who knew him from the local hiphop scene,i was completely surprised when i found out that the fugitive Jason Ivler was the same Jason i made a beat for a couple of years ago. I met him in the studio when we're doing the (unreleased)4th album of Urban Flow,and i remembered a care-free,easy going bro who's into opposite from the Jason Ivler we know now..He released an indie hiphop entitled called "In the Philippines", which didnt get really noticed back then, but now after going Tony Montana against the NBI, that album has reached the hard drives of Boy Abunda and the rest of the media.

But back to the music,this one is called "Young Life" featuring a then unknown Mista Blaze on the hook.."


lifeswell said...

I need to get in touch of whoever is in charge of this site. Please forward your contact information to
This is regarding the Rhythm Natives.

Thank you.

dj said...

i got his album =]