Friday, January 8, 2010

Pinoy pride in Italy: Yamamas (Myspace artist of the week)

Our kababayans from Italy repping Pinoy Hiphop.Also an avid supporter of Soulsonic Tv.Check them out yo!

Yamamas a shortened word for Young Minds @ Music Alternative Sound, was formed in Italy on 2003. These 3 Filipino youth, lived in a small city in Italy, had something in common. They are passionate about music. They listen to all kinds of music but throughout the time of being together, they have fallen for rap music.
pitaopz,xyron and rj.As they are known, were inspired to create songs inspired by rap and hiphop. It is pitaopz who had the most interest in hiphop at that time, and the other members considered doing rap with all types of music, even rock, jazz, pop,classic, techno etc..
For them, this is how they would like to express themselves and share with people the difference they made.


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