Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Skool Fridays: "Mga Babae" -Boom

It's been a while since our last installment of this segment but like what we always we do. We make it up big time. So here's another gem for all ya.
Here's an ultra rare 45 single,"Mga Babae" by Boom,released way back in the early 90's (92'?) Boom is spearheaded by Boom himself together with Dj Dave DFX Yu. This group released only 1 album,which is now a collectors item, and after that they were known as Kulay. Along with Jhego and Dash they formed Legit Misfitz in the early 90's and produced their early albums. He then formed his own label, Vibestsation records which released the albums of 7 shots of Wisdom and Syke.In early 2000 he ventured into TV with shows such as Playaz Club and Urban Myx.He's now a video director specializing in sports videos.

Get Down-Kulay

check the ongoing value of the record here:

Special Thanks to Dj Paul aka Supreme Fist for this Old Skool Track !! Ang lupit ng collection mo!


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