Monday, August 17, 2009

Dj Shortkut live in Manila!

Sorry for the lack of updates,avid followers and haters, our globeline went down again during the heavy rainfall we been experiencing recently..ok back to the news, lets start off the week with World reknown Dj Shortkut live in Manila...He will be spinning this wednesday at Alchemy with other lokal hiphop acts, and guess wat broke ass neggas..this event is free! so get off the internet shops and watch some hiphop fever....So after the Alchemist we get Dj Shortkut,not bad for a 3rd world hiphop country..BTW we heard a big name act will be here in Dec,anyone heard about it?Also, there's other gigs at the metro this week so we will update soon....and to those who says hiphop is dead here in pinas..very much alive we just keepin it under the radar, coz of them haterz of the culture.