Friday, May 22, 2009

'97 Style Remix (Digi-Single) - Pamilia D feat. ILL-J, Caliph8,Dash and Kemikal Ali.

Another free download !!!...'97 Style Remix- Pamilia D feat. ILL-J, Caliph8, Dash and Kemikal Ali. Produced by the Beatraveler aka Dj Arbie Won.. This single is dedicated to all ya 90's kids who grew up in that era. Where baggy pants, backpack, headphones, camouflage and that must have Timbos was the norm for all the underground heads in the metro.. A throwback to those good ol' days which was immortalized by the artist who made names at that decade..

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K-os said...

respect! thanks soulsonic

Anonymous said...

Madfrick! Pogi siguro sya