Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Beatmathics "Art of Noize" live @ Music Museum teaser

One of the most anticipated hiphop events this year happened last March 28,2009 at the Music Museum as the Beatmathics unveiled their new label Wika Records with a concert entitled "The Art of Noize". Serving the full capacity music museum crowd of hungry hiphop devotees with their own brand of Pinoy hiphop, the Beatmathics rocked an almost 2 hours set with the backing of an all-star band(is that keith martin on drums??!) The new artists of Wika records opened up the show. The show was rather long (it started way late) and some of the songs were too long to the point it was dragging already but nevertheless it was one of the best shows this year.

The teaser above is from the upcoming DVD release of the said concert coming out soon. Stay tuned for the release date..Another Soulsonic exclusive!