Friday, February 13, 2009

Old Skool Fridays: Valentines' Special

"Born Agen Lover" has gone MIA for months now and sad to say we don’t have quickie mix for this year but it doesn’t mean that you guys gonna get nothing. Instead of the quickie mix we gonna give you Old Skool Fridays: Valentines’ Special, featuring 3 Rap Tracks that touched and captivate a lot of hearts in the 90’s.
First is “Mas Gusto Mo Siya” from Andrew E.’s debut album. (if im not mistaken )This is the first tagalog rap that was released with love problem as the song topic/concept and with Andrew E.’s undeniably supreme rapping and storytelling skills this track became a classic joint.

Second is “Perfect” from Michael V.’s “Gusto Kong Sumigaw” album. This track sampled “True Faith’s hit song of the same title for the chorus and to be at par with the hook Michael V.’s rhyme is executed in English which really makes this track “Perfect” for the love season.

And lastly we got “Padalaw” from Urban Flow’s “Ghetto Celebs” album. On this track Urban Flow literally lives up to there style of rapping where they are well known of and that is “Harana” And the group successfully did it again on this track.

Enough for the talking just get this tracks, play this to your partner or just reminisce if you don't have one.. and make a reservation on a resto, hotel, motel for you and your love one.. or if your single like us just go to the hip-hop gigs tomorrow and who knows.. you might meet your future partner there..

Note: You can still download the 2008 "Born Agen Lover": Quickie Mixx here