Monday, December 1, 2008

Fresh mixtape! Joyo Velarde "Hey Love"

Another banger from our fil-am connects from the bay area. Joyo Velarde is a singer from the world reknown Quannum label(Dj Shadow,Blackalicious,Lyrics Born & more). She recently appeared on the Lyrics Born album and different Quannum projects.She's basically the resident soul diva of the Quannum camp. Furthermore, she's the older sister of Proof Positive(of the Original Rapskallion and Spolarium group with Dj Arbie)..Check out the siblings on one track in this limited edition mixtape.Joyo's much awaited album should be out real soon.

Here's a promo for yall..featuring the Trackademics.

ps. this mixtape is sponsored by MYX usa..i wonder why MYX philippines dont give that much love to our local hiphop scene..