Friday, January 18, 2008

Old Skool Fridays: "Isang Bagsak"- I.P.K.

Itim Pero Kayumanggi or I.P.K. is one of the 1st Batch artist in Dongalo Wreckords... They first appeared on R.A.P. 1st issue compilation on the track titled Quickie.. This Group is similar Oblaxz which is kinda confusing... Why ? I.P.K. is a Group..But the other members are just like part time in the group leaving UNO doing solo on most of the tracks...This album was released around late '96 or early 97'(?) under D'Concorde Records but still backed up by Dongalo Wreckords/Electric Chair Ent... The topics on the tracks boast from politically concious, life & statement on the state of Phil. Hip-Hop/Rap Scene which at that time was neglected and considered corny by the masses who are laughing at people who wears baggy pants... I.P.K. together with Oblaxz were nominated in the 1998 Awit Awards that leads to the formation of IPK-Oblaxz Music that marks their break up with Dongalo Wreckords... Damn why do Everyone is breaking up ? Anyway here's a track from their debut album "Panibagong Patag"..