Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Exclusive Interview & Live Performance: God's Will

One of the more notable new names in the local Hip Hop scene is Turbulence Production's God's Will, a rapper with Tupac's swagger but Berracah's message. All things looked at, God's Will is unique, spreading uplifting messages to the people, minus the preachiness. With verbose wordplay and unfaltering gritty realism, God's Will paints a portrait of contemporary urban life, both the bright and the dark sides. He has already collaborated with the likes of Nimbusnine and Mike Swift in the past. Previously only appearing in mixtapes and guest appearances, He recently released his E.P. Catch him at one of his gigs in the metro with his band Sinag and get a dose of God's Will. Here's the video interview.

Questions By: SOL
Interviewed By: Unit-o3
Cameraman: Ramire
Edited By: Bruno Frankelli