Thursday, June 21, 2007

How To Download !!!

For the Free Downloads you guys shouldn't be afraid to Download it.. Here are the Steps on how to do it...
Just Click on the image "Album Cover" so you will be Redirected to Rapidshare/File Site..
How To Use Rapidshare:
1. Click on the Free Button

2. Wait for the Timer (When it reaches zero the page will be reloaded)

3. Just enter the Code and the Download will Start...

*Since most of us are free users of Rapidshare.. There is a Download Limit..It Depends on the size of the file... So if you exceed you can start downloading again on the next 3 hours..or the next day... Again we just wanna remind you that this for FREE.. So dont be afraid to download the albums or tracks... Peace..


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information!

But uh, how come I WAS NOT ABLE TO download MC Lara's Superquento?

I've been dying to have it.

Please let me know how.